Electric gates

The yard gate is a business card, so it is important that it is not only aesthetic, but also safe, strong and functional.

Baltic Empire installs the highest quality metal, swing or sliding gates at a competitive price. We perform all measurement, concreting, installation work, prepare an estimate and answer any questions.

Automatic gates have not been a novelty for a long time. They are frequently chosen by Lithuanian residents. Both types of gates have their pros and cons.

Swing gates

The biggest advantage is their simple construction and easy maintenance.

Swing gates can have one or two parts. One part of the latter opens inwards and the other opens outwards.

Gates require more space – an ideal choice for plots that have a large area.

The most important details when installing swing gates are adjustable hinges and poles on which they will be hung. Only when the poles are properly installed will the swing gate be functional and last for many years.

Slide gates

  • Great choice for the city as the gate is compact and does not require much space. Due to this feature, sliding yard gates are more installed in both private settlements and commercial places.
  • Simple operating principle. The gate frame is pushed either to the right or to the left – it does not prevent passage.
  • Sliding gates have a separate support system that can operate independently, so they do not need to be attached to either the posts or the perimeter.

Whether you know what you need or want to consult – our team of specialists will help you find the most suitable solution for your yard.

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