Foundation installations

Prior to the installation of the foundation, in particular, engineering-geological surveys are carried out, which are necessary to find out the condition of the soil. When building a building, the type of foundation is chosen by the designer, taking into account many factors – soil type, groundwater level, freezing depth, whether the house is built with or without a basement, the type of retaining walls, architectural solutions and so on.

Our professional team installs strip and pile foundations.

Strip foundations

  • One of the oldest used foundations. They are divided into two types: monolithic and prefabricated (block). Monolithic – cast in one piece, prefabricated – assembled or made of special foundation blocks.
  • Strip foundations are the right choice for those planning to have a basement. Also suitable for large, massive buildings
  • It is advisable to insulate the walls of this type of foundation and cover them with waterproofing. If the plot has a high groundwater level, drainage is required.

Pile foundations

  • Pile foundations are very popular in Lithuania. There are two main types of pile foundations: bored and plugged. They are usually chosen when building individual or frame houses.
  • Drilled foundations are recommended when building a frame or log house.
  • An economical option as it does not require a lot of land management work.

Baltic Empire specialists will answer your questions about foundations and their installation.