Individual house construction

Baltic Empire performs all general construction works. We build, reconstruct and renovate frame and brick houses from the foundation to handing over the keys to the customer. Our experienced team can implement even the most complex project. The latest and highest quality solutions applied by professionals in their field allow you to build a house that meets your individual needs.

Frame houses

We build warm and airtight frame houses all over Lithuania. Rapidly popularising frame houses are practical and have a good price-quality ratio. We perform static calculations for the building. Buildings are calculated based around wind, snow and continuous use loads. We work with reliable partners, so all materials are of the highest quality and certified. We also ensure the highest modern standards.

Frame house advantages:

  • When building a frame house, a heavy and deep foundation is not needed, therefore construction finishes quicker and costs cheaper than building a brick house.
  • Wood perfectly maintains the moisture balance as it absorbs some of the moisture. Frame houses are also well ventilated, so there will be no need for large, complex ventilation systems.
  • Frame construction has fewer technological constraints. For example, in a brick house, you can’t immediately putty and paint freshly plastered walls. In the frame building, most of the work is done in parallel, so construction is completed faster.

Brick houses

Construction of brick houses is by far the most popular construction method in Lithuania. These days, there is a much larger selection of building materials than a few decades ago. Unlike in ancient times, brick houses are built not only of brick, but also of gas silicate or other blocks and porous ceramics.

Brick house advantages:

  • According to construction standards, the lifespan of a brick house is about 100 years. A brick house is more resistant to environmental factors, therefore it deforms less often, is more durable.
  • A properly built brick house also has good heat and sound insulation.
  • When building a brick house, it is easier to implement complex, non-standard solutions. We can reconstruct brick houses, adapt various metal beams or columns.

However, it is difficult to distinguish which method is better. The choice is determined by various factors and both construction methods have pros and cons. Some ideas are easier to implement in timber-framed buildings and vice versa. Only after the design work is completed, it becomes clear which option is the most suitable.

Entrust us with the construction of your home – from design to welfare management. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to answer them.

Baltic Empire – your reliable construction partners