Terrace installation

Outdoor terraces are rapidly gaining popularity in Lithuania. Not surprisingly, it is an ideal place to spend time outdoors in any weather.

The outdoor terrace is not a complex building, but there are nuances that only professional, experienced workers know. When building a terrace, not only is the aesthetic image important, but also the invisible part of it – on which the terrace is built and what it is attached to.

Responsible construction of an outdoor terrace not only ensures the quality and durability of the construction, but also saves time and even costs.

Before building a terrace, first of all, you need to decide on which side of the house it will stand and what size and shape it will be.

According to experts, the most suitable place for an outdoor terrace is the south-eastern, southern or south-western side of the house. It all depends on whether you want it to be heated by the morning, noon or evening sun. If you want to hide from the heat of the sun – the north side of the house is perfect.

However, the most important criterion that determines the quality and durability of the outdoor terrace is the choice of boards.


Wood, plastic or aluminum are used for terrace constructions. Wooden boards are most often used for the base of the terrace, which provide coziness and warmth. It is important to note that the wood requires more care and may change color in the future.

If you still decide to install a wooden terrace, be sure to keep in mind that the wood must be specially treated and find out what resistance class it belongs to. Whether the terrace will be durable or resistant to harmful environmental factors will depend on the resistance class.

Wood-plastic composite boards, sometimes called WPC (wood-plastic composite), are also used to build terraces. The above are made of a mixture of natural wood fiber and polymer. They are more durable than wooden tables, and their appearance differs little.

Glazing of the outdoor terrace, covering with film or polycarbonate is an ideal choice for those who want to spend time outdoors all year round.

Our specialists will build, install and install an outdoor terrace according to your needs.

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